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My husband has been fighting prostate cancer for 5-1/2 years.  When first diagnosed in 2012 it had already metastasized to 80% of the bones in his body.  He has been on Lupron, Casadex, Taxatere, radiation to the L5 veterbrae  and now Zytiga.  He's developed an osteo necresosis in his jaw from exgeva, has had hypercalcemia , stage 3 kidney disease, various hospital events and spinal stinuous.  When first diagnosed his PSA was 296.  After Taxatere is was below zero.  It has started to go back up and he is currently at 8.43.  Our oncologist is recommending the Xofigo regimen.  The side effects are enough to make us run for the hills.  Any information positive or negative would greatly be appreciated.  He's also on a pain management regimen to manage the bone pain and nerve pain from the effects of the cancer.


It has been one heck of a ride.  And I want to do what is best for him.  He's a fighter, we are fighters.  He is 70 years young and my heart and soul.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    I've had three injections of zofigo, and have not had a negative reaction.  I am 85 and have had prostate cancer for about 3 years.  Next injection is 13 Nov.

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    He's a fighter and you are wonderful


    I am not a Xofigo patient and have no experience with the drug but read many posts from guys involved in the treatment. Xofigo (radium 223) groups with other radiopharmaceuticals injected to attack the cancer but unfortunately it affects the areas where it "glues". Xofigo is taken to the bones similarly to calcium killing cancerous cell but also affecting the bone marrow, so that one must be vigilant in regards to the hematology parameters. The immune system will be weakened and the patient will be subjected to infection. Nausea is experienced by all patients as this drug is "dispached" to the intestine for disposal. During the treatment, urine and feces must be flashed with with more water than the usual. It is a treatment requiring attention but it seems to work in terms of outcomes with diminished spread in bone and better pain management.

    This therapy is not recommended when the cancer has metastasized to other organs such as the lungs or liver. I think that apart from Xofigo your husband has no other FDA approved mean of treatment except returning to chemo therapy. Immune treatment may not be proper for him because of his past therapies affecting his immune system. In Europe some clinics are offering therapies using other radiopharmaceuticals, in particular the LU177 which is used to kill cancer in both, soft tissue and bone. Surely not all patients have benefitted from LU177 attacks.

    I am impressed with your narration on his 5 years fighting the bandit. I hope he does well with Xofigo and manages to diminish the spread. Be careful with any anemia condition.

    Here is a link regarding Xofigo experiences;

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