Chest pains after lobectomy

Peanut1971 Member Posts: 2

I had right top lobe removed on Oct.4 and now home but my biggest complaint is chest pain that feels like heartburn or acid reflux did anyone else experience this?


  • Katmar
    Katmar Member Posts: 55
    That's a question best asked

    That's a question best asked of your surgeon. I have heard of people with acid reflux post surgically. May just be nerve pain that will go away with time. Wishing you all the best.

  • Ricodog
    Ricodog Member Posts: 1
    Left lung totally removed , Thurs , Jan 5 2018.

    Had the lung removed , before that I'm May 2015 had total laryengectomy , and Jan 2015 neck tumor removed. All cancer was squimish cell except the lung , small cell carsonoma. 

     I breathe out of my neck stoma , my question is when I clear Lucas from my throat Pou of stoma , the pain is unbearable , will this get better?