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I just had a radical prostatectomy with removal of 23 lymph nodes for Gleason 9 (5+4) prostate cancer. Surgical pathology staged the tumor p3aN1Mx. Cancer was found in the bladder neck as well as 1 lymph node.  I am a type 1 diabetic and have an open ulcer on my leg that is being very difficult to heal. I am 58 years old and believe I got this cancer from agent orange exposure in Korea during 1977. It was sprayed there up to 1971. The VA accepts responsibility up to the last time it was sprayed in 1971. They give absolutely no time for residuals. I think being in contact with the residuals gave me these illnesses and Doctors agree with me, but say It's very hard to prove. Does anyone out there know of anyone who served in Korea after 1971 that had a claim approved for agent orange?  Also, I see MD Anderson next week to see what therapy will be next.  Does anyone have an educated opinion of what should come next?  Thank you, and I see a lot of great information here!


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    Get a medical oncologist to lead your case


    Your case with diabetes conditions the way to treat PCa. MD Anderson is a trustful institution so that you may rely on their advices. However in your shoes I would include a medical oncologist to lead your case and gather opinions on any devision.

     For the moment you need to wait till recurence is declared. Surgery (including lynph dissecting) could have clean you from the cancer. In case of recurrence then you may get benefits from a salvage radiotherapy if cancer is localized, or you will try controlling any advancement with chemo and hormonal. Diabetes are affected by chemo drugs and the hormonal treatment most probably will rise  the blood sugar requiring constant vigilance.

    Some members here have been treated by the VA system. Some  we're not satisfied the way the local VA cared their case so they procured medical Care at another VA facility. I think you are in good hands at MDA.

    Best wishes for full recovery from the RP.