I thought I would share this in case anyone on here needs it.  I had a pretty rough time with lingering neuropathy during and following my most recent Folfox treatments.  My chemo nurse told me to start taking a vitamin B complex to help with the neuropathy.  She specifically said that the "Nature Made" brand worked the best.  Not sure if it works the same for everyone, but it has removed most of my neuropathy problems. 


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    Good to hear that your better

    Good to hear that your better, I started taking a multi-vitamin, a baby aspirin, and a statin, at my PC doctor's urging shortly after diagnosis, when I was 49 1/2. Seemed like a good time to check the issues of cholesterol and blood thinning at the same time as I was getting all this medical attention for CRC. I have minimal lasting neuropathy, if any, ten years of good numbers, and no reoccuring polyps in the colon, since the one mass was removed. I don't know what did what, but it seemed a simple thing to do to prevent serious issues down the road, I don't see why chemo people wouldn't try this, the risks seem small....................................................Dave

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    I've heard that the things

    I've heard that the things proven to decrease the odds of it coming back are:

    1) Exercise

    2) Daily regimen aspirin

    3) Tree nuts

    4) Vitamin D3

    So I'm doing 1, 3 and 4 (can't do 2 before surgery). I added the OP text to my cancer note (has my diary, contacts, and notes) for post-surgery chemo. Thanks for the comments here.

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    My mom had 10 treatments of

    My mom had 10 treatments of Folfox but had to drop off Oxaliplatin because of neuropathy.  She been taking Vitamin B Complex, Lyrica, and Alpha Lipoic Acid for her neuropathy.  

    Remember to inform your oncologist if there's server neuropathy since they have to change your meds at that point.

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    Great info. Thanks Phoenix! I

    Great info. Thanks Phoenix! I actually buy the Nature Made brand.