Looking for da Vince doc in Atlanta

I am looking for recomendations for a robotic prostrate surgeon in the Atlanta area.   I received my diagnosis and biopsy from Dr. Shah, who just as I received my diagnosis, quit surgery to take an adminsitarative position.   I was very pleased with Dr Shah, and very sorry to have lost him as my doctor.   I am Gleason 3/3 and my PSA has gone from5.4 to 6.2, so I am trying to find a new doctor to procede with a new biopsy and most likely surgery.   I welcome your comments and advice as I begin my journey....thank you!



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    I don't know any individual doctors in Atlanta Scottie, but wold recommend starting your search at Emory, one of the best cancer centers in the US. Undoubtedly they can link you with the right guy.


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    With the limited information that you provided, it appears that you probably are a candidate for Active Surveillance, that is closely monitoring your cancer, without side effects, and not experiencing the side effects of treatment. Surgery of all active treatments  have the most side effects when compared to other active treatment modalities.......these side effects can be very severe.

    Here is a post that I just made to another poster

    "For those who select active surveillance approximately 30 of cases show progression mainly because these men are not only Gleason 6, but have more significant gleasons that were not discovered at original biopsy. Basically, a gleason 6 will not metatisize outside the prostate. Many do not consider a gleason 6 to be cancer.

    Men in a well managed active surveillance program can seek the initial active treatment that they might have considered at diagnosis without any adverse effects by waiting. In fact, the man will be able to live that time with a better quality of life, and not experience any side of effects from active treatment. Every active treatment has side effects.

    Not saying that you qualify or do not qualify for an active survellance program. It is best for you to visit with a doctor who specializes in active surveillance. 

    Some things that your doctor will need to investigate are the PSA/prostate size ratio..you want it to be less than 0.15.There is something called a multiparmetric 3T MRI which can show suspicious lesions within your prostate and possible extracapsular extension...you need to have this test.

    Also there is a new fangled biospy machine that centers of excelence have that are three dimensional, that is this machine can target more aggressive lesions found by the 3T MRI, and provide a better biopsy that you can place more confidence in.

    I have been in an Active Surveillance program since march 09. I have not experienced any side effects at all from active treatment. Technology has advanced since my diagnosis, and I can select a treatment that will be more effective now, then when I was diagnosed with less potential side effects. I am 74. I am hopeful that I can live the rest of my livfe without any treatment. In fact for men over 70 as you are, the requirements for active surveillance are relaxed

    If you click my name to the left, you can see my medical history, some thoughts, and discussions by experts of active surveillance that you can click to hear what they have to say.

    Please feel free to ask questions"

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    MRI Fusion biopsy

    Ask for Dr. Al (his name is really long and he is known as Dr Al). Or Dr Sanda, but you will most likely start w/ Dr Cimino, then ask about a MRI Fusion biopsy.  All of these are at Emory Urology Clinic.  Dr Al did my surgery and Dr Cimino saw me prior to Dr Al's surgery.  I could have waited a month longer and got Sanda, but they put me in a PET Scan study for free,......, so I said what the heck, let's go...

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    Why Surgery?

    OP: It's unclear if you have considered other options.  If you have and have chosen surgery, fine.  Go for it.  I wish you luck. 

    However, if you have NOT considered other options (and/or are simply unaware of them), let us know and we'll be happy to inundate you with more information that may permit you to survive the cancer w/o the substantial risks of surgery.