Low platelet and white blood count many months after chemo and radiation

I comple chemo and radiation the end of October, 2016.  During treatment my blood work was normal.  The last two blood tests taken in June and September of this year show low platelet and WBC numbers.  Has anyone experienced this?


  • NoTimeForCancer
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    hello, Pasolovr and welcome. 

    hello, Pasolovr and welcome.  Some of us have/had not been able to finish our treatment on schedule because of the low counts (my last one was delayed a week because of this) I would suggest trying to increase your protien and call the doctor's office to ask them.  Please remember, you just put your body through a lot and it took a beating. 

  • babe12
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    Amen to what No time for cancer said! After treatment, it takes a good while for your body to recover. My blood work is always a bit off now, but that’s my new normal. Congratulations on being a year out of treatment!