My turn to kvetch

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After 3 rounds of surgery in 06,07, & 08, I thought I was "home free.'  The most recent CT says maybe not.  I'm scheduled for an MRI of the brain on Monday and a lung biopsy next Wednesday.  Then the wait for results and conference with Dr.  Only time will tell.  Meanwhile, it doesn't do any good stewing about ?????, and I have plenty to do either outcome.




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    No. It does no good. For me, at least, I often feel I don't have control of the burner. On the other hand, I know that it is completely me doing that. It's a struggle.

    I hope it's all nothing AND you can let it go in between when you need to think about it.



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    Hang in there Donna. We'll be

    Hang in there Donna. We'll be praying for you that is nothing and all will be well.

    Big hugs


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    Hope it's just doctors being

    Hope it's just doctors being cautious and turns out to be nothing. The waiting time is the worst for me. Hugs back at you!

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    I can understand that you're on edge here.  Just when you feel that cancer is only a bad memory, your cage gets rattled merely by the thought of its possible return.  I get it.  

    Praying for good results.  



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    Donna I am praying

    for good results also. thank you for your good advice on this board!

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    Donna, hope it is nothing.

    Donna, hope it is nothing. Please keep us posted.  Praying for you! HUGS!

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    Wishing you only the best

    Positive energy and best wishes headed your way.

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    Hugs, prayers, good thoughts, peace, and... Did I mention hugs?

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    I try to stay away from kvetching.

    I try to stay away from kvetching.




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    Local Culture

    I had to google 'kvetch'. Around here 'whinge' is still the popular term for it.

    But is it not considered a good thing to express one's feelings?

    Surely we can kvetch about cancer scans (or anything else cancer related), at least until our friends stop listening.

    I hope it's nothing.


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    Good luck

    I'll be thinking of you Donna and saying a prayer for you.  Keep us posted.



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    Sending big cyber hugs Donna

    Heres hoping for all good results and continued NED -thanks for being there for all of us all the time, and I second Foxhd on the Good Karma coming back Coolto you

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    Karma (Sorry for copying you

    Karma (Sorry for copying you Fox), but that's what I believe too. I will pray for you for more NED to come!

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    Dearest Donna

    nine years and now this   I am so angry on your behslf

    I pray that you  will have good news and move to the best outcome possible


    You truly  are someone who gives so much  to those in need  . your kind heart and your desire just to help so many people is truly inspirational 


     I wish I  could let you know how much you are loved and cherished  but I suspect you alreasy know that


    But know that each and  every one of us knows that  you are  a warrior and you will overcome this

    Love and Hugs

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    Will be praying for you Donna

    Gotta especially support a fellow Oregonian.


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    Thinking of you

    Hope to hear an update from you soon

    Prayers for good news

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    Also thinking of you

    Please keep us updated.  I have been thinking about you so much these past few days!!

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    Dear Donna,

    Dear Donna,

    hope things turn out all right for you! Do you have brain MRI results already?