Visit today with the oncologist


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    Oncology appt #1

    Not as scary asI thought it would be.   Really like him and I'm fortunate to be in a large metro area with a teaching hospital.  I am scheduled for colonoscopy and then CAT and am hoping all turns out negative.  I will have the robotic surgery - so thankful since I've read it's much easier than the other.  The oncologist used the word optimistic - he says the tumor is small and has hopes surgery will get it.  Chemo may still be an option, as well as radiation but we are taking one step at a time.  Thank you all for being there - it really helps to have others I can relate to.

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    That is great news!

    That is GREAT that you didn't find it was as scary as you thought it was going to be.  Excellent that they have a plan for moving forward.  Wonderful he used the word optimistic- YAY!!!  We'll keep hoping for the best and looking forward to your updates.   (((HUGS)))

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    Thanks.  I'm glued to this

    Thanks.  I'm glued to this site right now.  What support!

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    I'm Glad your appointment went well.

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    I find I'm constantly coming

    I find I'm constantly coming back here to soak up more and more support from this group of women.  Thank you.

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    Very good news! Keep us

    Very good news! Keep us posted on further developments.

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    DottieDean, that is great to

    DottieDean, that is great to hear. So glad that it went better than expected!

    Is the oncologist doing the surgery a gynecological-oncologist? They are the experts in this type of cancer and are the most up-to-date in all the latest practices (for example, NO laparoscopic power morcellators during a robotic hysterectomy if cancer cells are present).

    Also, did he give you a copy of your pathology report? If not, you may want to ask for a copy the next time you have a visit. You'll have another report after your surgery but it's good to have copies of all of them for your own personal files. 

    I recall from an earlier post that they had diagnosed you with MMMT (Malignant Mixed Müllerian Tumor) aka Carcinosarcoma. Is that still what they are thinking? If so, it's not surprising that he would mention possibly offering you chemo even if the staging ends up being 1a after surgery.

    All in all, it sounds like you have a good medical team that you trust and that will help you through this process. That bodes very well for you!

    Good luck and keep us updated on how you're doing. Kim