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Hello :) I'm new and have been doing research just about everywhere at this point to help find what is going. My hus band became pretty sick before leaving for military training so my focus had been on him. He ironically  had polyps removed and at only 27 I didn't think that was evendors possible! I learned a lot that month. They were benign thank God ♡ but he has family history of colon cancer and a few other things. His mom was able to help fill in the gaps of info that the doctors wanted to know.

As for me, I've had this pain under my right rib. All the signs and symptoms pointed to gallbladder. All through August I did blood work, urine labs, abdominal ultrasound, liver/abdominal ct, hida scan ruling out all things gallbladder, liver, pancrease, kidneys etc. I had an egd that ruled out stomach isses, stomach cancer, bacteria, gastristis, and ulcers. My entire upper region has been ruled out. My doctor has been amazing aND referred me back to GI saying it has to be a GI issue

 I've Lost so much weight, the pain goes into my back and flares up pretty bad in my back under my rib. My upper abdomen hurts all actoss the top under my ribs and can be worse whether i eat or not. My stools float and he believes it is malabsorption. I have not really been looking for blood... I have 2 kids I wipe buts and look at body fluids enough to be scrutinizing my own but I don't think I've seen blood. My stool (sorry tmi) is long and thin and has been this way for almost 2 months now. My diet has not changed other than not really being able to eat. I do have an increased amount of gas... something just doesn't feel right. All this to say... my dr. And I are baffled we haven't figured this out yet. I'm concerned with my symptoms that it could be polyps or dare I think it... cancer. But I have no family history. I'm adopted and  it's frustrating not having answers

 How important is knowing family history in this case? Since we are searching for diagnosis famity history keeps coming up and I'm scared we are missing something. I see GI on the 27th. Hoping they can move it up. 

Thank you all and I pray you all are well ♡



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    and there is no such thing as tmi here on the forum. Say it like it is; we've all been through the worst and talk about it without embarrasment or shame. 

    I too am adopted, so no family history for me either. It is frustrating, but not enough that I want to go delving into someones past; especially someone who didn't want me in the first place. 

    I wouldn't worry about your family history, but I would be asking the Doctor to order you a colonoscopy. At this point, it sounds like you are ruling out allot of things, so why not rule out any kind of Cancer, either CRC or abdominal. 

    So, that would be my suggestion. Get a colonoscopy and cross something else off of the list of possibilities. I do so hope that you find answers somewhere, though. I think its worse not knowing than getting a diagnosis that is unpleasant. 

    Let us know how things go. 


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    Get It Done

    Just get it done and ask for a colonoscopy.  With the symptoms you've described your insurance should be able to cover it.  You will feel more comfortable knowing what the outcome is if you have it instead of your doctor and you pondering the symptoms.  You might want to suggest your doctor recommending a CT scan as well just for added assurance.  Good luck and let us know how you proceed.