confusion about adjuvant chemothey NPC


My Friend went for his one minth post radiation consultation and he was suppose to get his adjuvant chemo. However after having consultaion with the ent, radiation and chemo Doctors, they had different opinions. The Ent told us there no need for adjuvent chemo since it's stage 2 and the radiation doctor said can chose if we wanna go ahead with chemo while the chemo doctor was pushing for chemo. Has any of you ever experience this ??


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    Seems you have providers who aren't on the same page...

    I'd ask them to tell you what the NCCN guidelines say you should do based on your pathology/stage, etc...  This type of confusion over treatment plan is pretty common unfortunately if your providers are in separate practices and don't follow clinical guidelines.  At the institution where I go (which is an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center) all new cases go to what is called a Tumor Board where all of those docs you mention discuss your case, review the NCCN guidelines and agree on a treatment plan based on what is best for you.

    Good luck.  brandon

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    My Experience

    I was diagnosed with Stage III Tonsil cancer positive for the HPV 3 years ago. I was told by the ENT and the Radiation Oncologist since only stage III and HPV positive all I need is radiation. The chemo DR. Insisted that I also need chemo.  I opted for radiation only and so glad for my decision.

    I have been cancer free since.



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    A similar situation

    My husband was treated for Stage IV NPC at the University of Michigan. He received seven weeks of chemo/radiation. Low dose chemo once a week for seven weeks accompanied by daily radiation treatments Monday through Friday.  His NPC tumor was positive for the EBV virus. They tested his blood the first Monday after he completed the seven week treatment for EBV virus. His blood was found to be negative for the virus. The head and neck team recommended that he stop any further treatment. He is to be followed every three months.

    This is from a head and neck research team. I believe they do not find conclusive proof that the adjuvant chemotherpy is beneficial to the patient.

    This recommendation is what my husband has chosen to follow. 

    I truly cannot say which is the best alternative.

    I hope you and your partner find complete remission, NED, and restoration to a new life.


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    Different approaches

    There are oncologists that believe the best time to kill the beast is the first time around. Chemo and rads are often used together to maximize killing all the cancer. Rads anc surgery kill the primary while chemo kills microscopic cancer cells that get away. Fortunately, both my RO and MO were of the same opinion to hit hard the first time. It was very tough but I never lose a bit of sleep or second guess the treatment plan. NED at 4 years post.