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Hi all

So one thing on my mind after all this was to get a small tattoo - something to remind myself of my luck and avoid complacency. Sort of a PCa "Remember thou art mortal".

I've done the due diligence and found that tattoos are associated with increased cancer risk.

Has anyone else got one / considered this / looked into the facts?



  • Rakendra
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    Now at 86, I AM OLD SCHOOL!!!!   I got a tattoo in l952 when I was a Yeoman in the Navy.  I was drunk when I got it.  It was a mistake and in those days anyone with a tattoo was considered very low case.  Now today, it is acceepted to have tattoos and lots get them.  When you are young it is cool.  When you are old it is not cool.  I know more people who wish they did not have their tattoos that people who are happy they have them.  They older you get, the less desirable they are.   My advice is to get a temporary tattoo the lasts for a few weeks first.  See if you REALLY want to scar your body.  There are also hidden health risks with tattoos.  Good luck, whatever you decide, but remember, Swami Told you so!!!

    Love, Swami Rakendra

    PS Do you just LOVE to see tattoos  on women?

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    I also got a tattoo in a

    I also got a tattoo in a drunk liberty day, had it removed 15 years ago. To each his own, go for it if it helps.  Denis

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    My cousin, at about 18 or 19,  came home from the Army with a tattoo of a heart and arrow, saying Love Mom and Dad...........well, Mom and Dad almost had heart attacks.

    Instead of a tattoo, why not consider giving back, by sharing your knowledge with others who are faced with the challenges of prostate cancer.

  • VascodaGama
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    The Romans called it "Memento Mori"

    Memento Mori (or "Remember thou art mortal") was the words told to the victorious Romans arriving from a war. You may be feeling victorious in defeating the bandit but is it right to tattoo it? Probably ...... yes, if you like it. That will be a permanent reminder of your fight. In my case I celebrate the day of my surgery (August 15) every year because I survived the operation, however I do it with a bottle of red wine. In any case, the affair with the bandit made me to be tattooed in my belly. They imprinted three dots (still existing) to serve for the alignment of the Varian linac in the salvage radiotherapy. I can see it but unfortunately, not as a "Memento Mori".
    Tattoos and unshaved man are fashion now, however, many from the old-guard (including me) relate the former to punishment not victories.


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    You are correct - the little

    You are correct - the little man in the chariot whispering in the Caesar's ear.

    I'm steering away from it now and as you pointed out, surgery scars (I have seven) are reminder enough.

    I'm a bit cross at myself at the moment as I am not waiting for my anniversary for the wine but having a few (too many) glasses once a week to celebrate surviving another week on a new job working much of they week away from home. At least I have kept off the kebabs and ommeletes!