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My husband is the one diagnosed with RCC with surgery last week. I happen to be a nurse working in assisted living (love gerontology) and often have cause to read through residents charts.  Funny what is suddenly jumping out at me the last month.. out of 90 people, we have 3 that I am currently aware of living a good life with one kidney after cancer! One especially frisky fellow will soon be 100 years old!  Don't ever assume your life will be cut short due this challenge!  Per this fellows advice, laugh daily and don't take life too seriously. 


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    Nice Post!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you lifts my spirits

    Thank you lifts my spirits

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    Pretty wise words Id say. 

    Pretty wise words Id say. 

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    Glad to hear this...... 

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    Wow, very good to hear. And

    Wow, very good to hear. And bless you for liking gerontology. So many shy away from it.

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    Getting There

    Your optimism is well placed.  Losing one kidney is not all that serious - I have been living an otherwise normal life since my radical nephrectomy in August 2012.  I did show up with mRCC two and a half years later and that has also been controlled (at least so far) by immunological treatment (read the parallel stream on Checkmate 214), so yes there is hope.

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    One big thing which got me

    One big thing which got me through the hell of preparing for and having a nephrectomy was largely blocking the cancer aspect out of my mind and focusing on the nephrectomy as a fairly routine operation which is the same as when a person donates a kidney, this also being something I would say to reassure my family and friends. This is so routine it was just in the news last couple of days when pop star Selena Gomez received a kidney donation from a friend for transplant http://edition.cnn.com/2017/09/14/entertainment/selena-gomez-kidney-transplant/index.html