Diagnosis from Fracture

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Has this happened to anyone? I am just off the phone within my mom and reeling. 

 A week ago, my mom's friend's 70 pound dog Rammed into her. Because of continued pain she went to the er and has a fracture. While at the er they discovered a lesion ok her knee that warrants follow up. 

My mom (who also has degenerative disk disease and spinal stenosis) has also been having severe sciatic pain with difficulty walking and foot tingling. She said it has been feeling better, but her pain management dr had prescribed an MRI which her insurance denied so she has been in limbo.

what concerns me is that over the last year she has lost 10 to 12 pounds and she is a lifelong smoker. She didn't have the weight to lose in the first place.

she suffers from near constant sinus infections and a bad cough so it is hard to know what is normal for her. I feel like her personality has also changed over the last year. She is always tired. I am just watching all these symptoms that could mean anything add up to something awful. 


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    Sounds like she could use a

    Sounds like she could use a full work up by her PCP, including chest xrays. The tiredness can be from many things, not the least of which is living with constant pain. I would urge her to get some tests done as soon as possible. Wishing you and your mom the best of luck and good results. Keep us posted and take care.