Week Five Update

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SCC Stage III Base of Tongue HPV+, 47yr old male. No port, no PEG.

Well, I've made it to week 5. I have 7 weeks of radiation and one more chemo to go.

To date, I've lost 9 lbs (but I put on 20 extra, so I'm still 11 ahead of normal). I've yet to throw-up, but I do feel nauseas frequently.

A week ago I thought I'd hit a wall with the mucous and throat pain. So much so I made an appointment with the surgeon to see about doing a PEG tube.

However, just a few days later and the mucous subsided (still have to spit alot though, but not as frequently) and the throat pain has gone from unbearable to just very sore and scratchy. So, no PEG yet. Wasn't real thrilled with the PEG surgeon. Young guy that basically said, "yeah, you're gonna need one."

Not sure why it all got better. Doctor doesn't know if i plateaued or if this is the calm before the next storm of symptoms.

Mucous has let up enough i now sleep 2-4 hours at a time. 

Energy levels still seem okay. I get up and around at 5am and do radiation around 7:40am. i come home and get my first calories and rest for about an hour. I then work the rest of the afternoon and start taking it easy about 6pm.

I hear the last two weeks of treatment and a few to follow can be the worst.


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    Sometimes I feel so selfish

    Sometimes I feel so selfish when I complain because, although I had a five hour surgery to remove a tumor from my tongue and 42 lymph nodes, I had no follow up chemo or radiation and I am so grateful for that.  My tongue is always painful now and my teeth (I think) are making painful lesions.  Just stay strong.

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    Yes, the last 2 weeks of treatment were rough and the 4 weeks post treatment have been as well. My husband said for the first time yesterday that the pain was lessening. Mucus stopped being a problem about 2 weeks ago.

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    Sounds like you are doing amazingly well.  Not vomitting is a victory!  Stay strong!  You are almost there!

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    OKCnative, good to hear you

    OKCnative, good to hear you're managing, and I have to say, like you, some of the pain had subsided in my throat around the same time yours did. It actually did not get worse after. Fingers crossed!  Have you been gargling and rinsing with LGlutamine also?

    People said the weeks after radiation were as rough, but that was not my experience. First week after I still felt as if I were cooking, but by the second week the sores starting getting better, and the third week I went to the gym just to walk on the track or use the bike. 

    I also had seven weeks of radiation, and found the last week to  be the hardest, yet it was my most joyous in some ways. I was reaching the end!

    Best of luck.  

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    Tonita, I remember your posts

    Tonita, I remember your posts after surgery. Glad you're doing better.  I was wondering how come you didn't have anything else but the surgery.  Where did you have your surgery, if you don't mind me asking?  I had 39 lymph nodes removed. 

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    last chemo and 2 weeks of radiation

    I just found I was more tired the pain didnt alter but the last week made the outside of my neck sore I had been ok up to then. First 3 weeks after treatment i dont think the pain got worse it just didnt improve much then it started to get better. Hardest part of the whole thing was getting the calories in every day, constant battle.