Mees line on nails or toenails?



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    I don't know and 4 doctors don't really know what the lines on my toes are. I now have matching ones on feet baby toes now. All I know is that I have been in bed for 6 months and have lost 60 pounds and am weak and can't walk well. finally went to an oncologist who believed that I am sick. He immediately ordereed PET CT SCAN but insurance won't pay. So in 3 days I am having it done and paying for it. and I hope will get some answers. One doctor told me he would give me the tires off his truck if anything was wrong. I have night sweats and doctors explain away as nothing but I know how I feel and I know mees lines could be nothing but with everything else going on it's just another symptom in the big picture. I want a diagnoses but have not been as fortunate as some to find many good doctors Who will listen in the 10 minutes they see me.  They explain my suspicious blood work as nothing and also my symptoms. They are happy to give me Antidepressants which I have tried and still I am sick. I find comfort from this forum and the hope it brings in getting a diagnosis. Although I am so sad to read stories of cancer. I know symptoms almost have to be so obvious that doctors can't ignore them. I thank everyone for Your understanding and I hope I get those tires but I know how I feel and I am really sick. I want my life back even if it mean going thru what all of the people on this forum have gone thru. Am I stressed out? You bet I am. This has been very hard. But I will keep trying to get answers. I didn't think it would ever take this long. I know people suffer for a long time before diagnosis I just didn't want to be one of them. But I thank every. 

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    A little off subject here. There is an article in this months Consumer Report magazine about doctors and medications. Several times they bring up doctors who hear you talk and then prescribe something. It's a long article and very interesting. The high point was that some Drs have decided they are going to look for solutions for paitients other than giving some drug. They are not anti-medicatiosn Drs but agree that people are often taking too many drugs.  


    I hope the results give you answers so the Drs can give you the treatment you need.