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 Hello there, my name is Kassandra and this is only my second post on here, so far. My father is currently battling primary Head and Neck cancer on the base of his tongue, but he also has secondary cancer in both of his lungs. He has very little disease in his lungs, only one nodule in each lung, and it is currently slow in growth. Calvin, my father, has been labeled "terminal," but he is determined to fight. He underwent 42 radiation treatments last year, along with several doses of Cisplastin chemotherapy. We achieved remission back in October 2016, five months after his diagnosis in May. Unfortunantely, he relapsed, re-experiencing symptoms in April, and to be confirmed in July. He started Opdivo immunotheraphy last month, only to cause his body to attack his liver, causing autoimmune hepatitus, and ultimately causing his treatment with Opdivo to cease. His oncologists have said that they do not believe that he will respond to any traditional treatments, so he has decided to persue possible clinical trials and holistic therapy/treatments. Does anyone have any information or their own personal experiences? He is willing to try anything non-traditional, as he is desperate. I am the oldest of his four girls, my youngest sister being six, and one of my other sisters is completely disabled, requiring around-the-clock care. So, in synopsis, my family really requires my father survive. Thank you for reading and any input you may have!


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    It sounds to me that since your dad's primary cancer is head and neck, that you should post on that discussion board as well for treatment recommendations.  There may be more people there than in the lung cancer discussions that know what treatments you're inquiring about.  Just a thought.  God bless you and your family.  You have your hands full of responsibility, too much for anyone but especially for someone in their teens.