Very high thyroglobulin, 7 yrs after RAI

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I had a thyroidectomy in 2010. I had 100 millicuries RAI. Over the past 2 yrs, my thyroglobulin has risen to 715. Endo gave me ultrasounds and chest xrays. Finally changed endos and waiting for a whole body scan. Has anyone ever heard of such high levels of tg post thyroidectomy and RAI. 


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    High Thyroglobulin

    The goal is to take high enough synthroid to keep the count below 1 I think.  Getting checked every three months is recommended but I have been going just once or twice a year since my thyroid cancer treatment in 2010.  I had a body scan in 2013 that I understand also served as a treatment because you get some RAI in there and can take out small clusters starting but you can only have a certain amount in a lifetime -- like 500 millicures and I understand it can come back.  If yours is back, they basically treat it again with RAI I think and it is ablated.  How are you getting through this?  Do you have some support?