Doctor ordered a bone scan and mri after my radiation therapy because of pain in neck and spine

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 Finished seven weeks of my radiation therapy treatments and a doctor's appointment month after.

Radiation Oncologist asked me how I feel and I tell him about all the pain in my neck and left shoulder and arm and my lower back sciatic pain in left hip and feels like a couple of ribs out of place on left side and been very depressed and laying in bed all the time on left side.

I figured that's why I have all the pain in my neck and left shoulder and arm and back because I lay in bed and I don't get out and do anything and when I have to get up and go to the bathroom all the time I have trouble trying to stand up and walk.

I still don't feel like my stomach is not same after having open surgery for the radical prepubic prostatectomy March 6 2017.

Doctor ordered a mri and bone scan and said it might have spread to my bones.

Next week for bone scan and mri.

I had bone scan and cat scan month before I had my prostate removed and they said that they looked okay.

After the surgery I still had cancer in my bladder and I had the proton radiation therapy and hormone shot.


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    Continue with your earlier thread.

    I will go out on a limb, but could your new issue be a hemorrhoid?