Diet after RALP

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Since I do not have a prostate anymore, will diet still keep my PSA down?  Right now, I'm on a healthy does of Turmeric, brocolli, real pomegranate, among a few other things.  I will be having radiation mid to late August, and have read that I do not need to have Lycopene while on radiation.

Also, my brother sent me articles on how cannabis oil cures cancer.  I have viewed successes on the internet and actually heard of a local success story.  How safe is it while on radiation?  Have any of you guys seen any success w/ cure by using cannabis?



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    Hi Redbelly

    Hi Redbelly

    A healthy diet and good levels of fitness will be your friend for both your physical and mental health. I'll dig out my list of good and bad foods and share that with you.

    As for cannabis - two things to consider.

    1) If cannabis was a cure all, big pharma would be all over it like a rash, patenting everything they could and locking out the man on the street from any (high cost) sources but theirs.

    2) Confirmation bias comes into play here. People think "oh, he took cannabis and was cured as a result" but in reality "he took cannabis and was cured for some other reason".

    It is just "Drug companies are being driven mad because of this one crazy cannabis trick" in a different guise.



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    Agree with hwsoc. If dirt cured cancer, big Pharm would have researched it, encapsulated it, give it a complicated name with eight syllables, have the pharmacy girls promote it, then sell it for $500 a pill. Then the DEA would outlaw contraband dirt, until the patent ran out, and the independents would start to produce generic dirt at $50 a pop. I

    There are exceptions. But there have been so many "testimonials"... Megadoses of Vitamin C, the mysterious Vitamin B17, the Amish cancer diet, Benny Hinn ministries, positive confession, now cannabis. If cannabis cures cancer, I would like to know how the mechanism works. Is it the Tetrahydrocannabinol? Does the THC get the cancer cell high and puts it to sleep? Does it break down the cell structure? Does it damage the cell DNA? Does it inhibit cell function? The clickbait ads are holding out hope to desperate people.

    My guess is some of these "cancer cures" are coincidentally effective with other treatments. Like the weed gets me high, so I mellow out and don't stress, considering stress is a killer itself because the body produces trauma chemicals which the body was never designed for long term. It's like when you used to start older cars. When you turn the key the solenoid on the starter takes the current away from the lights and radio and peripherals until the car is running. Then the peripherals came back on. Our bodies take energy away from important functions like immune response when we are stressed. So that is my guess how cannabis may help, but certainly is no "cure". 

    If anybody knows different, I would love to hear it.

    Maybe VdG can suggest some interaction between cannabis and cancer cells. But I have my doubts.


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    Not much to add

    The medical profession recommends NO anti-oxidants (lycopene) during radiation treatment because the free radicals generated by the radiation are supposed to be killing the cancer cells.

    As far as diet recommendations is concerned, the two earlier posts were 'right on'

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    Avoid red meat and all dairy products

    Since I was diagnosed on 5/11/17 we have become Vegans, not easy, but to prepare for surgery (which I had two days ago), I had done a lot of research and coincidentally saw the new Netflix documentary "What The Health". At 64, being mainly a meat eater and lover of cheese, it ain't easy but a plant based diet and the avoidance of all animal products is best for prostate cancer. Page 546 of Dr Patrick Walsh's book explains all this, as does the book titled The China Study.

    So you and I got our prostates out, however, there may be PC cells that have escaped and will lie low for months or years. If studies show that dairy products cause them to flourish, I WILL STOP ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS.  

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    Have you checked out all the non-dairy substitutes yet. I can recommend a few. Was vegetarian, then vegan for years, then pescetarian vegan and now added fowl on behest of my GP. She does not think strict vegan a good idea. I have mentioned before that being vegan for years that I, and others as well, are now dairy sensitive. But there are plenty of substitutes that include probiotics. Almond Dream and Kite Hill make almond based yogurts, though it is harder to get them unsweetened. SO and Silk also.  Lot of almond milk products out there, but I look for the lower calcium versions. Kite Hill makes a really really convincing non dairy cream cheese that will fool anybody and is low fat. Of course, eggs are not dairy even though they are sold as. So you don't have to give up some mayos and dressings, depending on the ingredients. Follow Your Heart makes a great non dairy creamy ranch dressing if you can find it, much better than Amy's or Daiwa, et al .  In our prosperous economy, you can find about anything you want. During the winter I complained about the papayas to my wife, then I realized, here I am, in the middle of winter in the freezing Midwestern U.S., complaining about the quality of tropical papayas that I can buy for a few dollars each. How spoiled is that? But anyway you won't miss dairy once you find your favorite substitutes, although going out for pizza with friends is probably unlikely.

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    Something else I should mention. When you give up meat and especially fish, you will need to find another source of fats and oils. Your skin and membranes elasticity and health depend on fat and oil intake. My skin became very reactive from lack of it. So be sure to use lots of olive oil and other plant based oil in your cooking and diet. There won't be enough in just a veggie diet alone without supplementing with cooking oils and dressings, olive oil being the best.

    Also flax seed and oil and supplements are good for that too.

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    hearth healthy is prostate healthy

    I eat a veggie based diet with some fish on occassion. I don't eat dairy or meat. I don't add oil to my foods, but cook with water. I take  vitamin B-12; I also take a d3 supplement.

    I also suggest the The China Study by T colin campbell. There is also a video FORKSoverKnives that you can obtain from the library or netflicks. There is a book Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman md that is worth reading..  Also I suggest that read Dean Ornish MD.

    I exercise daily, walking, swimming, recumbent biking,  weight training ( about 25 reps of 40 to 50 percent of what i can lift).

    I have not had any active treatment, but have incorporated this life style with the Active Surveillance protocol that I have been enrolled in for the last nine years.