Finally Had the Nerve to Read the Test Results

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and the doctor's notes read --

CT/PET scan looks good, no cancer is found

Thank you guys for helping me have the courage to read the online scan results before the appointment next week!!

The radiologist note does mention scar tissue at the surgery site but it doesn't appear as a malignant formation.  I am trying not to worry too much over that.


  • JerzyGrrl
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    (Big sigh of relief)

    That's good news indeed. Glad you checked them out!

  • hardo718
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    Radiologist seeing scar tissue

    That's a good thing.  Now you have confirmation they've been in there and did something.  Wink

    NED visits are the best!  (aka - no evidence of disease)


  • Bay Area Guy
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    Scar tissue is just that, a

    Scar tissue is just that, a scar.  sounds like a great report.

  • APny
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    Yes, don't worry about the

    Yes, don't worry about the scar tissue. Glad to hear the scan looks good!