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know some of you might suffer from constipation after rectal surgery and I think I have found what helps for me:  1 large tablespoonful of olive oil mixed with one teaspoonful of lemon juice before you eat in the morning.   I used to have this again about 3.30 in the afternoon but don't find it necessary now.   I also find eating my main meal of the day better if I do it at lunchtime or early afternoon.

Anybody else find a cure for this type of problem?


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    My surgeon not the oncologist

    My surgeon not the oncologist prescribed me to take Colace 100mg 2 capsules before bedtime. It sure helps!!! And it has no side effect at all. If the Colace wouldn't do no good, then MiraLax will do the trick too. I hope this answer add to your list. God bless us all.

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    I have dealt with opiod induced constipation for three years.  It can quickly trangress from discomfort/pain to a life threatening condition.  On two occasions a few years ago i paid $300 for a colonic.  I would have paid $3,000.

    Prevention/management is critical.  After experimenting with several potions and modalities, I am of the opinion that a daily dose of Miralax (or off label, cheaper products) is sufficient to counter the effects of OIC.  This is of note since I have the double challenge of OIC plus a large rectal tumor that significantly retards the flow.  Miralax works for me.


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    One capfull everynight for most people.  My daughter takes this and she has no history of colon cancer.  She is just constipated.  She was miserable befor taking this. Thank you for the info.


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         I was on targin 80/40

         I was on targin 80/40 (oxycodone/naloxone) for nearly three years. The opiate induced constipation was beyond bad. I finally asked a young pharmacist who did his training in Florida. He just told me straight up , if you don't want to spend a great deal of time in emergency , with each and every dose of targin take two dulcolax and two coloxyl . I did . The problem became manageable but the drug stopped working on the pain. It took me three months of slowly decreasing doses to get off it. Now any Doc that comes the "lets try line"they get a blast from me.Ron.

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    My Colorectal Surgeon told me..

    My Colorectal Surgeon told me As he gave me a script for Norco...

    Take a Colace with these. It works for me.