SCT & pets

Does anyone have any information on stem cell transplant recovery & pets? Other than staying away from litter boxes, is it Ok to be exposed to your pet? 




  • ShadyGuy
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    Has the cat been tested?

    I have lymphoma but have not had an SCT (yet). I would try to get it tested for toxo and the other more common diseases. And remember, cats walk on the floors, in the toilet for water then tend to get on tables as evidenced by nasty little footprints. Toxo is normally not serious, but as a person who nearly died of it, I can assure you there are exceptions to that general rule. Cats are filthy animals even though they appear clean, and they catch mice and other vermin which carry parasites and diseases also. I am sure other will disagree but I recommend finding it a new home till you recover. Just my opinion. My blessings and best wishes for your procedure.

  • po18guy
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    Give them a call

    I was given a sheet which showed the various factors to avoid, and how long to avoid them. You might give the transplant facility a call and inquire, as they certainly have some guidelalines. I do know that the first 100 days are critical. One has barely a baby's immune system and its ability to fight infection is severely limited. Infection is the major enemy of transplant patients and a major cause of mortality.

  • lindary
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    I was scheduled for SCT last year.

    One of my biggest concerns was our dog. (we don't have cats.) One suggestion was that we have him stay with someone. He has separation anxiety so I didn't think that was a good idea. We planned on having him and my husband sleep in another room. I also would keep hand-sanitizer  with me to wash my hands anytime I touch him. I think there were some other plans but I don't remember. I know with cats it is probably more complicated.

    The SCT ended up being postponed because of issues with my platlets dropping a lot during the collection process and not ocming back up very fast. Also they collected a low amount of stem cell after 2 days. Then about 2 months later, after another set of scans, the SCT Dr. cancelled the SCT. Said I was doing well and they felt I would do better without the SCT. 

    I was relieved in that I would not have to keep a distance between me and our dog.