My husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme on June 15, 2017.  We went to see the Dr on July 11, 2017 and he said he wanted to have a Functional MRI done to see if the mass can be operated on. The MRI is  scheduled August 23rd.  He is currently taking the Steroids and Anti-Seizure Meds, but how long after the diagnosis before they start treating. He was given a 9 to 12 month expectancy, I thought they would start some sort of treament sooner.  Am I being paranoid?


  • MyJourneywithCancer
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    Sorry to hear about your husband. Resection/gamma knife, radiation followed by some oral medication: this is conventional path. A few targeted therapies and immunotherapies are promising, but most of them are currently under investigation. One anti-angiogenic drug is currently approved in US/Canada. I think you have reason to be proactive. If possible I would get a second opinion, and look for an immediate attention.


  • lthenderson
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    Once the surgery occurs, generally they allow for a month or more for your brain to heal before radiation begins. In my mom's case it was almost two months by the time healing had occurred and MRI's were taken to provide the target points for the radiation. 

    How much of the initial tumor is removed seems to be one of the biggest factor in survival rate, more so than how many months the tumor has been growing. So doctors generally want to take their time, identify where the tumor is to determine loss of brain functions and try to come up with a plan to remove as much as possible while preserving quality of life. Good luck.