Need nausea med that does not cause constipation

Linda C.
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Looking for a recommendation for a nausea med that would not cause constipation.  Just finished my first week of radiation and have had nausea since day one but it is getting worse and lasts all the time.  I see doctor Monday but don't think he will be helpful.  He says it is not from the radiation.  Trust me, it is. 


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    Nausea med

    Omeprazole worked for me, but it was the third candidate.   Don't hesitate to discuss the nausea and the constipation with your care team.   Keep at it until you find a combination that works for you.




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    A lot of nausea mess cause

    A lot of nausea meds cause constipation, unfortunately. My husband's doc had him take senna (over the counter) and it helped with the constipation. Staying hydrated will also help. Talk to your docs though. Feel better soon!