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so 10 days ago I was told I have vertigo when I went to my GP. from all thats written, I do have it, BUT, thats not whats making the world go black whenever I stand up for more than a few minutes, or raise my arms above my shoulders.

I cant take much more, I really need this under control. Im almost out of PTO/Vac/Sick time, but if I cant do my job....


Ideas, Suggestions? Anything?


Im wondering if my potassium and magnessium are too low again, but I dont have any checkups or fluids scheduled.


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    What does your doctor say

    What does your doctor say about this blacking out?  Go back, get bloodwork and whatever else done to get to the bottom of this.

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    Could it be your blood

    Could it be your blood pressure dropping low when you stand or raise your arms up?  I have issues with flucuating blood pressure that causes me to almost faint.


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    Could be a potential issue as well, I had similar challenges in the months just after rads ended.  I'd say that a blood count would be in order as well

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    You may need to check your

    You may need to check your blood oxygen level.  If you fall below 90% you may need to use a tank for a while.  Also if you are dehydrated or malnourished, but I'm going with blood ox on this one.  It's an easy fix, the blood ox monitors can be got from Amazon, and your insurance provider may pick up part or all of the cost for a compressor.  My out of pocket for a compressor and tanks was $11 per month.   I used ox for about 6 weeks post, especially at night when my beathing slowed.  They have portables so you don't have to sit around.