Having an anxiety attack again

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As the time is getting closer to my infusion appointment today, I am having this awful feeling again, nervous about this ordeal!!! Today is my 6th (that is if my wbc count is normal), so I am counting down...six more to go, then CAT Scan follows, then hopefully everything is clean so they'll pull out this port that don't belong to our skin!! Oh please Oh Lord, give me more strength to face this ***


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    You're going to be okay.

    You're going to be okay. Breathe deep and slowly and try to think about other things that are pleasant. Use mindfullness. I read recently about a woman who was captured by the Germans in World War II and how she got through torture. She said they made the mistake of allowing her to see outdoors through a window while they tortured her. She was able to take herself mentally out of the room and put herself out amongst the trees and grass she could see. Picture yourself well again and all this behind you. Think about how happy you'll be to live and to enjoy life. And imagine yourself looking back on this and knowing it was a small price to pay to live.

    Thinking about you,


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    Anxiety is a very common result of treatment.  You can get something to help you, just make sure you take it exactly the way it is prescribed.  I've just been through many tests and biopsy for the breast and had to take anxiety medication for several weeks while going through this.  It's something that you can get if you ask.  Tests are never easy.  Hope and pray all is well.