Diarrhea...long time after chemos



I would like to know if the chemo has given you diarrhea?

Have you had diarrhea with abdominal pain even several weeks after the chemos? thank you 


  • artist49
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    I had terrible diarrhea  after finishing chemo  and it took quite some time to find a solution. 

    Take a good probiotic to restore the good bacteria that the  chemo has wiped out. Yogurt is a good food but not with added sugar.

    Dr. Block of Chicago told me to add arrowroot powder or kuzu root powder to a smoothie for quick help. All this worked for me.

  • StrongerthanIthought
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    Don't know if it is chemo or radiation that affects me but something sure does. Probiotics help but I'm 2 1/2 years NED and it's still a problem.


  • Sandrine04
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    Thank you very much for your

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    I asked because I often have bloating, especially in the evening, sometimes I have spasms and diarrhea.

    Yet I have not had chemo for 7 weeks

  • Tarans
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    As mentioned, try the

    As mentioned, try the probiotics and yogurt.  Also, for bloating 1/4 tsp. of baking soda (yeah, the stuff in your cupboard) can help the bloating if it is in the stomach or upper intestine.  If these things don't work for you after a week, contact your oncologist's office for some advice. Chronic diarrhea is a concern both for nutrition absorption but also chronic dehydration.