Did you suffer from Anal Dysplasia before Anal Cancer diagnosis?

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Hello all, I am new to this forum and am being seen later this week for a High grade epithelial anal lesion. I was wonderfing if anyone here was being treated for anal dysplasia before you're anal cancer diagnosis? If so did you have any anal symptoms with the dysplasia? I was told by the GI who did the colonoscopy and found the lesion that I shouldn't be suffering from any anal pain. My primary Dr. told me the same. Unfortunately I've had anal pain for over two years and have been complaining for that amount of time.  In reading on the internet I have found several articles that say Pain is definitely associated with High Grade epithelial anal lesions. One article was from and Oncology article. Would love to hear from you.



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    I was never diagnosed with dysplasia prior to finding out I had anal cancer.  Had I gone to a doctor sooner when I began having some change in my bowel habits, perhaps I would have.

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    Same here.....I did not go to my doctor early enough or else I suspect I may have been dx with dysplasia as well. I put off seeking help and convinced myself that anal pain, bowel changes, itching, even bleeding were all related to other things. Eventually the symptoms had increased to a point I could not ignore and was dx with Stage 3b anal cancer. (That was 6 1/2 years ago)

    We'll be thinking of you and waiting to hear news of how your appointment goes.


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    No I already had cancer by the time I was diagnosed like the posters above. But don't doubt yourself, you had the pain, it was real, and luckily got diagnosed before cancer. I had pain and bleeding long before diagnosis too but like others attributed it to hemorrhoids. I have found way more validation here regarding my symptoms than with doctors. They are great for giving the treatment but they can't have tons of experience with anal cancer or dysplasia because they are so rare- only a handful of specialists in the field.