I am on my second recurrence of endometrial cancer.  Had a hysterectomy in October 2015.  Grade 2, no penetration of endometrial wall. They told me I would not die from this.  Starting having symptoms in March of 2016.  Biopsy showed tumor in pelvis and perhaps lymph nodes.  Local metastisis.  6 rounds of carbo and paxil.  Achieved complete remission after 3 infusions.  Finished chemo Sept, 2016.  Symptoms reappeared in May, 2017.  Now talking about entering me in a trial with immunotherapy drugs.  Anyone out there have a similar experience?  So scared.  Thanks


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    Hello hdjjls, we have quite a

    Hello hdjjls, we have quite a few members who're experienced with immunotherapy, so I'm sure someone will be along shortly who can speak directly to their experience. I can't tell from your post what your current symptoms are: do you have active tumors? Have the local mets returned? I ask because, depending on where you are, you might explore live tissue testing for your current turmors (if you have them). I assume they've done genetic tests of your tumors at some point if they're recommending immunotherapy now ? Hang tight, you're in good company here and people are great about sharing their experience and wisdom. We're here for you.