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I found out march 4 2107 that my 9 year old son had a baseball sized tumor attached to his right kidney. the hospital removed the whole tumor but had to take some lining from his kidney. I cant really find anything on the liklihood of the cancer coming back, and the doctors say they arent sure either. I am scared of every little pain or frequent trip to the bathroom he takes, I know that a ganglioneuroblstoma is made up of both bengin and malignant cells. my question is is it possible for it to come back? the tumor was baseball size and they told me it had grown for a long time. I also know that the immature cells develop in the nervous system, does that mean the nervous system is going to keep growing immature cells? My son is 9 and when we told him, he said "Im not scared of cancer. my body will fix it and it my body cant fix it god will fix it by giving me a doctor who can. As a parent, Im scared to death for him.


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    I am so sorry that you and

    I am so sorry that you and your son are even going through all this scare. I don't know the answers to your questions, but will support you through this time. We're here for you.

    Have you also tried They have more members I believe. Or try child's cancers too perhaps.

    Sending you healing, calming hugs. Try not to use up your much needed energy to LIVE TODAY by worrying about tommorrow. I now easier said than done. Children pick up in our anxieties.

    Hugs, Jan

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    Blake's got a head on his shoulders

    He has an extremely positive attitude, which will go a long way in helping him heal and deal with any issues that arise.

    Your medical questions should be addressed to a physician or whom ever is treating Blake.  And Mom, your worrying will just keep you upset and won't help Blake.

    We all hate to see anyone, let alone a kid with cancer.  My thoughts are with you.