Mom update

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My mom is 4 weeks out of apr colostomy for recurrent anal cnaver, she's doing ok have had a few issues with the incision in her leg (inner thigh) with healing they used the muscle to (sew her closed) so to speak. Also all lymph nodes were tested and all were negative! So no chemo! 


  • mp327
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    Thanks for the update--it sounds like your mom is doing pretty well, considering how extensive the surgery was.  I'm so glad the lymph nodes were negative.  I'm sure you're both relieved that no chemo is needed.  That should make her recovery go faster.  I wish her all the very best--and you too!  Please keep us posted as she continues her recovery.

  • Mollymaude
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    I'm glad you updated us. I've been wondering how she was doing. It sounds like her prognosis is good and it's wonderful she won't need chemo. Please tell her hi and that in thinking of her.

  • pializ
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    That's great news! So far so good!