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Hi Everyone, I posted earlier in the week asking if any of you ever heard of your Dr. ordering a MRI after your Pet-scan was good.  Well I had the MRI yesterday, it went well considering my clostrophbia and the help of a sedative to get me through it.  My Dr. told me to call him in three days to ensure he would have the results which won't be until Wednesday of this week.  I am trying very hard to think possitive that the reasons for the MRI was nothing more than my Dr. being though, after doing some research on my own it appears that so many dx. with anal cancer, especially those who were 111b, such as myself, all had colostomies after the standard chemo/radiation treatments, it's almost as though it has become the normal protocol to rid this, which makes me wonder if there are any 111b's out here who were able to rid their anal cancer only through chemo/radiation or am I fooling myself?  I am so sorry for being negative and thinking the worst I guess I am just really scared.  Although each cancer is different I almost wish I were dealing with lung cancer again instead of this, it just seems so much harder, or was I just extremely blessed. I would really like to hear from those of you here who were dx. a 111b and did not end up with a colostomy. I would like to believe there are some, and I'm praying for that.


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    My tumor was not staged at IIIB, rather it was right between stage 1 and stage 2.  However, I have communicated with many people in the past 8+ years who have been diagnosed with Stage IIIB anal cancer and they are living colostomy-free lives.  Please do not let your mind go there until you get there.  Please ask your doctor to explain thoroughly to you the results of your MRI and why he felt it was necessary to do one.  I hope you will get all good news so that your mind can be put to ease.


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    I was staged 3a but Ive had a heck of a time. I had to have a temporary ileostomy for 8 weeks and have had it reversed. To be honest there are most days a wish that I still had the ileostomy due to pain, diarrhea, incontinence,  and honestly thigh I told my dr at the beginning that I did not want to go through the rest of my life with a coldtomy. I don't know personally anyone else with this type of cancer except the folks I've met on the boards here . I'm sorry about the fact that you've had cancer at all. If i was you I'd get a second opinion if your not comfortable with what youve been told. I personally changed oncologist because the guy I was initially see getting anything but a pat on the head was like pulling teeth. I'm 3 weeks away from finishing treatment then a hopefully final surgery and the tests to see if I'm finished. I hope and will keep you in my prayers. 

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    Try to take a deep breath and don't let your thoughts of worse case senario play tricks on you...I know, easier said than done! I have heard of several stage 3b anal cancer people who are ostomy free years after treatment so think positive.

    I believe that much has to do with individual situations as well as physician preference. Exact location and size of tumor as well as damage done by radiation and ability to heal all contribute to mode of recovery.

    I was dx 3b about 6 1/2 years ago and had ostomy surgery "prior" to treatment that was intended to be reversed "after" healed. The damage done by radiation was severe and the potential for unsuccessful reversal and bowel incontinence was high so it became permanent. After a period of adjustment, I live a full active lifestyle and can't think of anything I can not due as a result of having an ostomy (except poop the old way, lol) As mentioned, I am spared the often discussed pain and discomfort that commonly goes along with others recovering from this treatment.

    In response to your concern though, I think there are many 3b's that remain ostomy free....I will pray this is the best course for you as well.