6 weeks post op

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Saw my Surgeon today for a 6 week follow up today. We went over my treatment that follows the  National Comprehensive Cancer Network for Stage 2 RCC. Blood work today for Kidney function, 6 month appointment for MRI. No restrictions for gym or normal daily activities. He gave some  literature for diet and nutrition. I feel as good as I did pre op.,but now have Cancer.

Yesterday I got up and watched our small town Memorial Parade. It is quite Norman Rockwell. I did this because my father in law is in a nursing home full blown Alzheimer's and can no longer go.he hadn't for a few years. He was proud of his service but rarely talked about it. He said that after HS graduation he got a good job with a major utility for 3 months then Uncle Sam sent him on a 2 year cruise to South Korea. He came back raised a family, retired, and loved his grandchildren. His slide into dementia was fast.My wife tried to keep both parents in their home but it was not to be. In less than a week both parents were placed in a nursing home. In the home there are people of various ages in various conditions. In the Alzheimer's wing, it is mostly women. Yesterday almost all of the men In the room were veterans.The home recognizes them.  When we talked to funeral director for the pre planning, he told my wife her father had several citations for valor ad service.he never said anything to her. In the year and half we have other items both parents kept secret from my wife..She will never get an answer as both parents are non verbal.My wife has been caretaker for them and it is worse than being caretaker for me.But if my father in law could speak I know this is not how he wanted the end of his life as probably most of the other residents.

On a prior thread was the term " limited longevity".. I liked that...I hope to have a long healthy limited longevity. There are worst alternatives for me if things change, I have some control on my monitoring of my Cancer with my doctors. Sorry for long post but I have had some time thinking about this.



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    Thank you for sharing 

    Thank you for sharing