Relay for Life Soon + A Walker = Happy

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Relay is coming up soon.  My boyfriend purchased a walker with wheels and a seat for me.  I will make a ton of laps!Smile  Well, I'll make at least two laps.

Any more Relay people?



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    Get me a walker with a seat, cupholder, and motor and I'm there . :)

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    I need to

    learn about this.

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    If its in the Bay Area...Im

    If its in the Bay Area...Im in! Granted I am furnished with a modified walker on wheels with a proper beer holder.....Cool

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    If you look on the side menu

    If you look on the side menu bars there is a listing for Relay and just in my area alone several different dates are listed for different nearby locations...awesome!!!

    Hubby has another added honey do list to work on...Pimp my walker so I can join the masses...well hopefully energy level post surgery is better.  I lost a lot of blood during surgery and Im still very anemic one week after surgery...its worse than the pain itself...not having energy! But events like this gives us opportunities to put a bright light to the dark emotions that accompany cancer!

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    Was a chaperone at Relay

    I chaperoned the all night event at my child's HS years ago.It was an emotional night and very inspiring when the Survivors spoke. Really strange now that I am recovering from Nephrecomy looking back. It was the furthest from my mind I would get Cancer.

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    This year's planners...

    needed to shake things up.  No all nighter, as it gets a bit cold and windy, and sometimes rainy on the Oregon Coast.  It will be June 24, 11 am to 11 pm, along the side streets of downtown Coos Bay.  I missed the 2006 event, as I was in the hospital after my first surgery, but this will be my 11th.  Another purple T-shirt for the drawer.


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    Ours in Boise is on June 24th

    I have never done it yet, but I am going to try this year!

  • Kidney_Cancer_Kid
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    I made 12 laps with my rolling walker.  The pain was there.  I kept sipping fluids for the remaining kidney (battered and weak after the second tumor).  It was hard, but at least I didn't fall this time! Smile

    For information on Relay there is a link in the box when you read the posts.  It raises funds and awareness for cancer.  All cancer survivors, caregivers, advocates, etc. are welcome. 

    Now for my prayers and thoughts . . .  I wish healing, fun, and more healing for all who participate and all who want to go but are unable.  Basically, I wish all of that fun and healing for all the people all the time!