New treatments for metastatic colon cancer that has spread to the lung

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I'm looking for any information any of you might have regarding treatment of metastatic (advanced) colon cancer that has spread to the lung.I have been reserchimg immunotherapy treatment but i f am still unclear of their developments in the lines of colon cancer.


My Mother has been battling this cancer for more than 5 years now and has undergone several major surgeries. Her most recent surgery resulted in the removal of one lobe of the left lung. A few months following the surgery she unfortunately had a heart attack leading the the placement of a stint. In the last few months we received news that the cancer has returned, this time in the other lung.


Recent scans and biopsies showed a second growth has occured in this lung. Following these advancements the doctors have said that the cancer is inoperable in this lung due to the fact that previous surgeries have left my mother with a lung that already has decreased capability. The doctors have also ruled out chemotherapy because of high risk due to her recent heart attack.


Treatment using radiation is in talks.However, if this method of treatment falls through I would like to think that we have more options.


Any information is greatly appreciated.


Thank you


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    I also have tumors in my

    I also have tumors in my lungs. My doctor has discussed using ablation to destroy the tumors.  They insert a needle into the tumor and kill them with heat ( microwave ablation)  or cold (cryoablation). I believe they can also inject the tumors directly chemo.  Not sure if your mother is a candidate for this type of treatment.  A woman at church had her lung tumors treated with radiation, and then took xeloda orally.  

    I hope your mother is able to recieve treatment for her lung tumors and recovers.  It is really hard to hear that the doctors dont want to try anything.  Are you able to get a second opinion, or go to another cancer center?