bladder cancer

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i had a high grade malignant tumor removed from my bladder 2 weeks ago it was superficial i have another TURB in 2 weeks then start chemo for the cancer i know these tumors come back does this mean i will never be cancer free and have worry all the time if its growing back and spreading doctor said i would have to have it checked every 3 months for my life since it was such a large tumor cant they just remove the bladder im 55 and have of custody3 small grandchildren i would rather wear a bag then have to worry if im going to die all the time Any one have any answers for me 


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    You might want to repost

    Hi There,

    You might want to repost this in the "Bladder Cancer" section.  I think you mistakenly posted it here in the Head and Neck Cancer discussion board.  They will probably have more advice on your specific cancer.