Long term anaplastic astrocytoma survivors

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Any anaplastic astrocytoma survivors going on 30+ years post diagnosis?  (Diagnosed in early 80s)

How are you doing?

What isssues are you dealing with?

What are you watching out for?


  • juliarnew
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    Sister surviving

    In 1998, at the age of 36, my sister was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma, Stage 3, after surgery, chemo and radiation, she did well for many years. However, since the initial diagnosis, she has fought four other cancers, many TIAs and 3 major strokes, one that put her into a coma for six weeks. Last month, she met with a new neuro-oncologist who looked at all of her films. He said the spinal fluid that had leaked into her brain due to radiation necrosis, should be drained and once done so, her mobility may improve. She is currently unable to walk and is able to provide very little assistance during lifting from chair to bed, etc. My sister is reading daily, feeding herself, talking, although with difficulty and participates in therapies as much as her stamina allows for. We are hopeful and she is determined to see grandchildren someday.

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    Yes, husband had 1982

    Yes, husband had 1982 resection for grade 3.5 astrocytoma. Radiation therapy followed for six weeks. Cognitive problems, personality changes, periodic seizures and new tumor. 2009 major neurological episode which landed him in the hospital in 2009.  New tumor, but different type developed in 2010.  This one is inoperable. It's a meninginoma and developed near the site of his original 1982 tumor. Life has been a struggle for decades, but we're making the most of it.  I'm just curious what type of radiation was given in 1982. Was it considered whole brain radiation?  We're having trouble finding any of his hospital records from 1982 that apply to the radiation treatment.  I believe he has the symptoms of late effects from radiation.