Breast Cancer Survivor being sued over Pathology bill

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I just dont know what to do! I recieved a summons from the Municipal Court about the $1200. Pathology bill. I had thought the hospital financial aid covered itm but I guess they did not. I also just found out the anethesiologist was not covered either. I called and set up payyment arrangements with the anethesiologist, but Pathology is already taking me to court. I have called the financial aid, My Radiation Dr office, Surgeon Dr. office. I just cant find help... any help.!

I know its my fault the bill was overlooked, I had so much going on, bills coming in, oldest sons Graduation, My elderly Mother who I care for,  working 2 jobs and everything else... I pushed these aside I did not call and follow up. .  I was off work for 8 weeks, and I had no income during that time. Which really put us way behind in all our bills. I work 2 part time jobs.... with no benefits.

I go May 8 for my Mammogram check up, so I am already stressed about that and now this. !


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    Hey we can only do so much..stress enough dealing with the cancer and treatments testing and so on and so on!!!! my suggestion is to just try and make arrangements still call the Doctor office that order the  Pathology and see who is handling it for them (attorney they have or collection agency) call the hospital financial aide again also and try and apply or see why it was not covered... even if you have to go to court let them know you made arrangements and can only pay so much because of you situation!  keep trying to contact the  doctor that ordered the pathology..if you are making some type of payment arrangement is better than none...Good luck to you..continued success on your Recovery!!  somethings are out of our control and just do the best you can... CONGRADS ON YOUR SON'S GRADUATION..THATS A BIG ACCOMPLISHMEMT RIGHT THERE..dont let bills overshadow things that you are proud of!!  (we are have bills out the butt) you will be fine!  continue to :::BEEPOSITIVE  Smile

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    this is a website check it out

    This is ememrgency financial assistance for rent, mortgage and or utlility bills its not a guarantee. applications are only accepted 1st through the 5th of each month. i dont know if they can help but anything is worth a try. goood luck.