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I'v been Dx with stage 1 breast CA twice, 11 years apart. First oncotype test came back at 16% recurrence rate. Has anyone experienced this with the 2nd oncotype being lower than the first. I'm still waiting results on 2nd one.


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    Hello I have not had that ...BUT MUCH SUCCESS FOR A GREAT REPORT!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!


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    Not oncotype but grade...

    My first DCIS was grade 3 (agressive, high grade).  Six years later the recurrence was grade 2 (intermediate).  They didn't have Oncotype DX for DCIS in 2009 but they did have it in 2015.  Unlike the test for invasive cancers that is for chemotherapy, the DCIS test is for radiation.



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    Hi, I don't know if the hospital is doing this on my tumor. Does everyone do it?