esophageal pain after radiation

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My husband has severe esophageal pain after radiation therapy for small cell lung cancer. He finished radiation and chemotherapy last week. he is still in severe pain both when eating and also at times when not eating. Any suggestions for relief for him?


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    Go tell the dr right away so get medication for this

    Likely their esophagus may got burned from the radiation. This happened to my husband. Thing here is to be on top of it asap. Have him tell the treatment team/doctor immediately of any pain in swallowing. There are options to help with this. My husband ended up so bad he was on liquid dilaudid. He would drink this then when it kick in he would try to get some Boost in him. He was very close to needing a feeding tube. He lost 40 lbs  in 4 weeks so ya it can it get bad.  When the burning happened we really had to experiement with different foods that he could eat and they did not always make sense. You have to keep in mind  the make up of the foods and he natural chemicals as they can really hurt on the way down so it is not just the texture. An example was guacamole. This was the most painful experience hubby ever had yet homemade shredded hashbrowns fried in lost of butter worked.

    There are several medications that can be prescribed for this - starting off mild working up to dilaudid and even stronger if need be but please have your hubby tell the doctor right away to get on top of it before it gets hard to get under control like it did on us.

    Also note that it can take up to 3 months for the throat to heal after the radiation treatment is done. That is because well he is still "cooking" from itlong have the treatment is done. Not wanting to scare you but more wanting you to be prepared just in case. Some get over in it a few weeks too so maybe he will be lucky and be one of those.

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    Do cold things work

    My husband was warned about this and he is in his second round of aggressive chemo and radiation what about milkshakes and muscle protien added, the doctor said it could work?

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    I can't drink anything unless

    I can't drink anything unless it is room temperature.  Can not eat anything have tube for getting nutrition  




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    Sorry i missed these 2 posts

    With my husband, we did whatever it took but were days away from getting the tube. Looking back I wish we had gotten him one sooner than see him suffer so.

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    If you get a tube, get the G tube that sits flush with your tummy. The one with the 1 foot hose will make you crazy. I had both. G tube button for the win