Need recommendation

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Hello, i had left a message on the other board with Stan,  

My last visit with radiologist was on Feb 28th to check out my PSA which was 2, this being done after treatment was finished on Jan 16th.  They then made an appointment for me with the Urologist on the 3rd of April.  I told them they already had me scheduled on the 6th but I could do 3rd if they wanted. Then I get a call the next day from the Nurse in the Urology department telling me to come on the 6th of April.  

On the 6th of this Month i went and they had me go in and sit, take my blook pressure, weight , etc then the tech lady said she was going to give me my 6 month shot. She left and came back 10 minutes later and said they made a mistake that my 6 month shot was due in May so they set my appointment up on the 20th with the Urologist and so they canceled that appointment. Looks like I made an unecessary trip for nothing.  Then a few days later then again call me and apoligize saying that the appointment was not the 20th but on the 9th of May so I needed to get my PSA on the 2nd.

Do i need to see an oncologist instead of the Urologist because it appears that I need this PET/ct scan to see if it is contained.