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Has anyone had a problem with a low heart rate after head and neck cancer treatment? My husband finished treatment 2 years ago ((NED - yeah!) for stage 4 tonsil cancer, HPV and P16+, he had IMRT along with 3 doses of Carboplatin. He is 63 yr/old and went in for routine cataract surgery to find his pulse was 48, which in the past was normal. I think he should have his thyroid checked out. Has anyone else had this happen?


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    Thyroid check is easy and should be done.

    My husband does not have thyroid issues but did develop dysautonomia. Alternating slow and fast heart rates as well.as very low and very high blood pressures are all issues.

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    Mine hovers on the low side

    Yes I have a low heart rate and also take thyroid medicine. I'm 58 years old.  His thyroid is probably shot. I hover in the fifties and during the day it will go up to the 70-80 range after some coffee and some exercise. My body temperture is almost always 97 degrees. It's definately a side effect of the radiation destroying the thyroid. Get him checked out!