Any stats on CA spreading while under AS?

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We know that nightmare scenarios of cancer spreading beyond the prostate while under Active Surveillance exist, but are there any hard stats? I know there are many variables (PSA, Gleason) but there must be some numbers to go on. Any help is appreciate. 


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    Ask Hopeful & Optimistic

    I don't know if there is any such data but I doubt it.  If anyone knows, it would be Hopeful & Optimistic who chose AS for himself (I think he recently said) 9 years ago and has been the forum's main advocate and information source regarding it since I 1st joined this forum in 2010.

    Just throwing my opinion out there, if you are involved in an active surveillance program which involves (apart from other diagnostic methods like MRI or PET scans)  quarterly or semi-annual PSA testing and a re-biposy every year or 2), I don't think the risk of the cancer escaping the prostate capsule before treatment is very great. 

    That's what AS is all about afterall  -- avoiding the premature (and perhaps unnecessary) treatment of the cancer until such treatment is deemed necessary and before the cancer spreads uncontrollably.

    So, if you are actively engaged in monitoring the status of the cancer (mainly by means of PSA testing), you'll usually have some warning of any change in the status of the cancer -- particuarly if there is any acceleration in growth -- which will allow you to obtain treatment before the cancer spreads.