Anyone have success using "Thick & Easy" or "Thick-it" ?


I want to travel (flying) but eating without access to a kitchen is a big problem. Anyone have success using "Thick & Easy" or with "Thick-it"?  I can not figure out a way to use these products.  I have tried both products. Everything turns nasty.  Nasty to look at andnasty to drink.  It is hard to disolve. I've tried warming the stuff. I've added it to about everythink I can think of.  I've experimited with the ratio of the dust to liquid. Most results are blobs of goo.  Thin liquid is hard for me to drink (sip...that is). If the liquid is the consistancy of say tomato juice - it works better.  Tomato juice is too acidy and burns w/o saliva. I haven't found a drink I can drink. If I can figure out something to drink to help push food down with - I would be able to travel with less dread.  Any ideas? Anyone out there that has had success with these products? How do you use them ? Thank you. 


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    There is a product called Orgain, which is vegan.  Kind of like a power mix.  All the protein is from plants.  It mixes well with Almond milk and is a much more delicious drink than the Boost or Ensure.  I mix a quart at a time, using an emulsion blender.  Or you can just mix and stir like crazy.  This is my go to 'on the road' food.  You can add a richer liquid if you need more calories.  Good luck!

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    Traveling with Ensure

    As I was having dental issues and had no lower teeth, I lived on ensure/boost/protein shakes.  Even when traveling on several cruises during this time, I brought my own ensure on board and asked for a refrigerator for the cabin.  I didn't care what people thought and even brought it into the dinning room.  If there was some soup or mashed potatoes on the menu I would have that along with my ensure.  When I would fly someplace since you can't bring liquids into the cabin, I would either pack it into the luggage if I was checking a bag, or just buy it when I got to my destination.  While it wasn't always the most inexpensive way of traveling, but it would get me throgh those days that there was nothing else available.

    You can always get a powdered protein powder and mix it at your destination site by buying the liquid part in small amounts as needed.

    Keep living your life and if that includes traveling, then travel.  You will find a way of eating/drinking your way through your travels.