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I had a TEP installed Wednesday and I'm having a bit of trouble.  I'm producing a lot of mucus, and I have to clean the TEP about once an hour or I can't speak.  I'm hoping this is temporary, but I would appreciate any estimates on how long I can expect this to last.  I know from reading this site that everyone has a different experience, but I can see that this is a very knowledgable group, and any thoughts on this and the pain involved will be appreciated.  Thanks!



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    I haven’t seen any of the H&N members (in the last few days) which could address your question, but I know of a few who check in regularly.  Hopefully, they will see your post and respond.  I will see if I have an email address to someone?


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    Hi Bill....

    I don't have a TEP, but ,my mother did.  Laryngetomies produce a lot of mucous because they are also using their stoma to breathe.  But I remember right after they put it in, she had more than usual because they punch a hole through your trachea....injury and damage always causes mucous in the mucous membranes.  I've been gone for a while, and just returned home.  Has the mocous lightened up somewhat?