How long does it take for the Erbitux rash to go away?

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Hi All,
I'm 5 weeks out from my last Erbitux infusion and completed my last Proton radiation 3 weeks ago. My face is still very red from the Erbitux, the acne part of it cleared up easily but my face is so red. If i stay in a completely dark room and stay out of any sunlight it fades a little, but as soon as i go into a sunlit room it turns red again.

I use sunscreen, hats, etc. when outside - but my question to anyone else out there that has had the rash is how long until it goes away?

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    when it is good and ready

    Hi Don,

    My Erbitux face did not last long, I did sport the overall rash on my arms, torso and face for a bit, but it eventually went away.  I was also very careful with my exposure to sunlight.  Once bitten twice shy.

    At 5 years I am still careful, but don’t go to extremes.  Now my ugly neck is a different story (tell you later).