one big waiting game !!!

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In relation to fine need aspiration tests done on thyroid nodules, does an abnormal cell result mean cancer? Some advice would be helpful as i'm confused by this result and i didnt think to ask questions at the time of the appointment and i dont know why i didnt just ask for more information on the result.! i was told to wait few days to receive a call of a specialist about what happens next, after they have meeting about my case.




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    Hey, I hope you have gotten your results already.


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    Hi, after all that confusion

    Hi, after all that confusion i never recieved a phone call which left me even more unsettled. But then I had a meeting the following week with the hospital. He said they didnt ring as they rather have these discussions in person. I was given two options, wait two to three months and repeat the fna and other observations, or to go ahead and have an operation to remove the growth. 

    As previously mentioned i had my fna in february. It came back with abnormal cells. By march my growth had doubled in size. So because of this I agreed to surgery. 

    I had my operation on the 10th of april. It was originally supposed to of been schedualed for the 27th of april. But i remember on the 6th i was in college and got a phone call telling me the doctor had requested my surgery be pushed forward. I was terrified and had little time to mentally prepare for it.

    Today is the two week mark since my operation. My growth was removed as well as the isthmus. I got an infection in the surgery wound two days ago. Been a ruff two weeks as i have also been going threw a break up on top of all of this, as well as trying to manage college assignments. I am waiting for the results now as to whether or not i have cancer.

    I am very worried as on one side of my neck i have swollen glands and hard little bumps also. It has been like this the last few weeks and has been no change in them. this makes me feel like it cancer and that it has metastasized to my glands. Its all just been one long big waiting game and I just want answers.