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I didn't read this yet, but thought it might be interesting to some on this forum.



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    Does folic-acid supplementation prevent or promote CRC?
    I found this abstract on   US National Library of Medicine /National Institutes of Health


    It seems to say that Folic Acid (Vitamin B-9) supplementation may be good as a preventative measure if taken before age of 20 for good cell health which prevents carcinogenesis, however once a lesion or tumor has begun in the colon or other areas, Folic acid supplementation actually helps the growth and recurrance of colon cancer since it aids the tumor cell growth and can even speed the proliferation.   I cut information from the above abstract found below.  It makes me suspicious of the advice to increase vitamin supplementation to off set affects of chemo or even to fight cancer growth, many multivitamin already contain 100% and we ingest it naturally through food (green leafy veg. red meat, legumes, and clams/oysters)  Brian Christopher

    "Folic Acid(Vit, B-9) is essential for the body to make DNA, RNA, and metabolise amino acids which are required for cell division."

    "The bimodal role of folate in carcinogenesis is thought to be attributable to its role in nucleotide synthesis. Rapidly proliferating tissues, including tumors, have a greater requirement for folate. Cancers often overexpress folate receptors and genes in nucleotide synthesis to meet their increased need of sustained DNA synthesis and proliferation (911). Antifolate drugs have been successfully used in cancer chemotherapy and in the 1940s folate has been described as inducing an “acceleration phenomenon” if provided to children with leukemia, suggestive of increased progression (12)."

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    12. Farber S. Some observations on the effect of folic acid antagonists on acute leukemia and other forms of incurable cancer. Blood. 1949;4:160–167. [PubMed]


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    It is so hard to know the

    It is so hard to know the effects of supplements.  Folate is important in prenatal vitamins so it makes sense that it helps with fast growing tissues.  I probably shouldn't take my multivitamins anymore.