disordered proliferative endometrium w/ metaplastic change

Had my post op visit today following D&C on 2-14-17. Last week I had spoken w/ the nurse midwife on the phone and she indicated that the results showed something, and that the doctor would discuss what my next options would be. When I asked if there were any further tests she said no, it would be surgical. I then told her that the doctor and I had spoken of a hysterectomy possibility and I was fine w/ that.

Well, today, he indicated that the issues were the poylps and now that they are removed things should improve. D/T the atypical glandular cells @ my Pap on 12-10-17 and the two abnormal biopsies during the colposcopy he wants to repeat my Pap in June.

I mentioned concerns re: having a horrible, never ending period again, and he discussed the option of progesterone 100 mg from day 14 of my "cycle" for the following 12 days. This would prevent the endometrium from building up to it's previous size of 17,8 mm. (unfortuanately my rx coverage, Silver Scripts, does not cover this medication. An alternative would be the IUD Mirena, but I was hesitant about that.) 

On the report for both the polypectomy and the curettage it says "disordered proliferative endometrium w/ metaplastic change and multiple endometrial polyp fragments. For the cervix curettage it says "predominantly disordered proliferative endometrium w/ metaplastic change, endometrial polyp fragments and scanty endocervical mucosal fragments w/ focal immature squamous metaplasia."

I told him that the nurse midwife had reported there were concerns w/ the pathology report, and she told me she couldn't tell me it was "not not cancer." I told him she said it was inconclusive. He emphasized it was conclusive for polyps. He explained that he used a tool to shred the polyps and also do a washing of the uterus. The polyps were about the size of peas. He had photos that he showed me, which was pretty cool.

Sooo...aside from returning for the Pap in June, it seems I am a "wait and see" patient. The estrogen and follicle stimulating hormone levels he is explaining as perimenopause. Prior to my period which started in Oct of 2016, I had went 11 months w/o a period. However, before that I was on birth control pills for several years to control horrible periods. In the last few years I was prescribed the pills w/ skipping the placebo so that I did not actually have a period. He explained that all of that could have been building up in there.

Most of me feels extremely relieved and thankful that the biopsies were okay. The small part that remains is worried re: why the nurse midwife thought there was an issue or issues. I do feel satisfied w/ the doctor's explanation and have never met the nurse midwife. It it typical to still hold on to the "what ifs" when the report is a good one?

Can anyone give me some general (nonmedical) feedback re: my report and the proposed course of tx?




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    Second opinion

    Dear Dorothy:

    If you are concerned whatsosever, I would seek a second opinion.  I always go on my gut feeling.   To me it seems you are questioning the wait and see approach as would I if I were having the periods which you describe.  Also the abnormal biopsied which you indicated.   All these things to me suggest a second opinion just to confirm what is already being done or what your gut feeling is telling you.


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    That all sounds really great.  I don't have answers for you regarding your questions but I did want to jump in and ditto Kathy's comment about getting a second opinion.  It certainly can't hurt and I always think better safe than sorry.  So relieved that for this time you got these answers and a plan moving forward.  Don't be a stranger- keep us posted as we'll be thinking of and praying for you (((HUGS)))

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    Kathy and Nellasing thank you

    I don't think I am ready to process a second opinion. I just wish I could fully embrace what I have been told. Not that I have a gut feeling telling me someting is wrong, just that after all these months I was sure a hysterectomy would be scheduled.

    My husband finally had his pre-op w/ his PCP to get medical clearance for his cervical stenosis surgery. Once the labs are back he should be hearing from the neurosurgeon's office. His pain is worsening and he is having significant trouble w/ his right (dominant) hand. So, the timing is right to go forward w/ his surgery and recovery and then be ready for my follow up in late June.

    Nellasing, thank you for saying I can still post here. This is a very special group of women and I really appreciate the support I received. I read all the other current posts, but seldom comment b/c I just don't know how to respond. You are all dealing w/ so much more than I can imagine at this time, and I feel inadequate to respond. However, I do say a prayer for those experiencing difficulties and think happy thoughts for those posting about positives.

    Thank you for the hugs. This has been a very isolating event for me. The few I've shared w/ have on the whole unknowingly frustrated me w/ their responses. Which I understand; they don't know what to say and so say "everything will be fine." In the end I do believe everything will be fine, it's just the messy middle parts that caused so much worry. ")

    hugs back to you all,