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As a new member to your "club" I wanted to thank each and everyone of you that have posted here.  I've spent a good deal of time reading through various posts finding answers to my many questions as well as educating myself regarding CRC.  Your posts have been so valuable to me, your stories an inspiration. 

I was diagnosed late Dec '16.  Thus far I have had  a port placed, various scans performed, tubes and tubes of blood drawn, had a second opinion and have done two rounds of chemo. i have one more chemo to go. Next is some radiation to my abdomen , then surgery. I've met with the GI surgeon and tomorrow have an appointment with the liver guy.  After that is more chemo.  Trying not to look to far ahead and take one day at a time  

I would advise all the other newbies here to spend some time here reading.  It's time well spent 

Peace to all. 


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    It is always good to hear that folks are finding what they need on the forum. 

    Its a great place to come when you have questoins and fears; and it is also a great place to pay it forward, and share your own experiences with those who are coming in, new to the 'game'. 

    Looking forward to getting to know you. 


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    I'm glad you've been able to

    I'm glad you've been able to find some information. Support of each other, a safe place to unload, and information from those who have actually been there is important. It's too hard to walk this road alone.


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    Hi Pam

    Hi Pam I was Dx in late Dec. CRC stage 3b and until I found this amazing group,  I was lost in a scary internet world of confusing information. However, since posting here and especially reading other posts i have learned a great deal.   I can tell you most of the side effects folks spoke of i have experienced, hand foot sensitivity to cold, sensitive mouth, and some nausea and truly if I had not the information from them before I started my chemo (Xeloda) and (Oxaliplatin) 0on 2-13-17, I would of gone crazy.  I pray your journey along with ours will arrive  in full healing. Brian